Winter Solstice Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk, a cherished annual tradition, unfolds as a luminous tapestry of community and introspection. In the gentle embrace of encroaching darkness, families warmly gather, clutching lanterns handcrafted with a deep understanding of light's profound symbolism in the face of shadows. As daylight gracefully yields to night, the lanterns awaken, casting a warm glow that transcends the physical and delves into the spiritual realms. The procession commences as a silent pilgrimage, each step echoing a deliberate act of mindfulness mirroring the internal journey we all undertake. Songs and poems sung with reverence create a sacred symphony, resonating with ancient wisdom embodied in the flickering lanterns. In this meditative atmosphere, the lanterns become not only symbols of hope but vessels of resilience, reminding us that even in the darkest times, our individual lights possess the power to illuminate the collective path. The Lantern Walk is more than a procession; it is a shared spiritual practice, an invitation to reflect on our journeys, acknowledge the fragility of our light, and recognize the transformative strength that lies within. In embracing the darkness, we find a canvas upon which our lights can shine their brightest.

December 21st, Come @ 4:00pm to decorate your lantern!!!!!

We will leave The Black Cauldron at 7pm for our Lantern Walk. Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can leave on time. 

Side street parking close by.

Cost: FREE

Hot beverages available for purchase.

Bring: A tetra pack juice containers & a real tealight with a bit of sand at the bottom to make it safe or a LED tealight

Optional: Paint & paint brush if you wish to paint it


Any questions don’t hesitate to email us @


Sacred Full Moon Yoga and Meditation

The full moon rises with its radiant light, casting shadows on the earth below. It brings with it a magical energy, that only this celestial event can bestow. As the orb grows round and bright in the sky, its energy flows and affects the tides. And just as it affects the ocean's might, the full moon can also alter our lives. With its powerful and mysterious pull, it stirs within us emotions untold. Our instincts are heightened, our desires full, as the full moon takes its toll. So when the night is bright with lunar glow, embrace its energy and let it flow. Use it to release and let it go, and allow its magic to overflow.  

Lori will lead the group through yoga, teachings and meditation

Lori will guide the group through a Hatha yoga session incorporating Moon Salutations, a practice renowned for harnessing the energy of the full moon. Moon Salutations offer an excellent means to alleviate stress and anxiety, harmonize the mind and body's energies, boost flexibility, and fortify major muscle groups. After the yoga session, Lori will lead a meditation aimed at facilitating the release of anything that no longer serves us and fostering gratitude for our blessings. By making room through letting go, we can embrace the beauty of gratitude as a practice.

Sliding rate of $20-35

Please arrive at 6pm as we will begin the group smudging...

Classes are @ 6-8pm

Contact for availability (spots are limited)

2023 Full Moon Schedule:

August 30 done

September 29 done

October 27 done

November 27

December 27

2024 Full Moon Schedule:

January 25 

February 24

***If attending please bring a yoga mat,  and a crystal if you would like.  Please arrive no later than 6pm as the group smudging will begin at this time.


New Moon Yoga & Meditation

In the velvety embrace of twilight, the world hushed with anticipation as the heavens unveiled their celestial spectacle. Cloaked in an obsidian shroud, the new moon emerged from its hidden slumber, casting a bewitching spell upon the night sky. Bathed in a delicate luminescence, the celestial orb weaved a tapestry of enchantment, scattering stardust across the dark expanse. It whispered secrets to the universe, its presence awakening dormant dreams and dormant hopes, inspiring hearts to embrace the unknown. Like a mystical key, the new moon unlocked doorways to forgotten realms, inviting souls to embark on ethereal journeys of self-discovery. With each gentle phase, it promised renewal and rebirth, a cosmic dance where infinite possibilities unfurled. And as its silvery glow brushed against the Earth, a sense of wonder ignited, kindling the magic within every living being. In this celestial ballet, the new moon whispered promises of wonder, urging humanity to believe in the enchantment that lies within and embrace the mystical power of the unknown.

Lori will lead the group through yoga, teachings and meditation

Lori will be leading the group through an active restorative hatha yoga routine. It is a great yoga routine to do around a New Moon because one tends to have a lower energy & needs to slow down & rejuvenate. I find this very cool because this is also what the moon is doing too. We are mirroring the moon. The moon darkens her light to re-charge, and in doing so encourages us to mirror her by decreasing her outward expression. It is an opportunity to fill the space with new beginnings by setting intentions. Our concentration will revolve around turning attention towards the inner self, fostering introspection through the practice of forward folds. This approach will lay the groundwork for cultivating and sowing our intentions later, during the meditation.

Sliding Rate of $20-30

Please arrive 5 minutes early as I will begin the group smudging...

Contact for availability (spots are limited)

2023 New Moon Schedule

September 13 @ 6:30-8pm

October 13 @ 6:30-8pm

November 13 @ 6:30-8pm

December 13 @ 6:30-8pm

2024 New Moon Schedule

January 11 @ 6-7:30pm

February 8 @ 6-7:30pm

***If attending please bring a yoga mat,  and a crystal if you would like. 



Full Moon Morning Meditation Classes

Meditation is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and is known for its numerous benefits for mental and physical health. Meditation involves training the mind to focus on the present moment and to let go of distracting thoughts and emotions. It can be done in various forms, such as mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, or transcendental meditation. During meditation, one can sit or lie down in a quiet and comfortable place and focus on their breath or a particular object. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve concentration and focus, increase feelings of well-being and happiness, and even lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Regular practice of meditation can help individuals to cultivate a sense of inner peace and calm, and to develop a more positive outlook on life.

Lori will lead the group through a bit of full moon teachings, followed by a time of meditation.

Sliding rate of $10-20

Meditation Dates for 2023...

August 14 9-10am done

September 11 10-11am done

September 30 8:30-9:30am done

October 28 8:30-9:30am done

November 25 8:30-9:30am

December 30 8:30-9:30am

Meditation Dates for 2023...

January 27 8:30-9:30am

February 24 8:30-9:30am

Contact for availability (spots are limited)

***Feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillows & blankets to get cozy with.