The Black Cauldron Dreams for the path ahead!



To create a healthy and safe community! More specifically female focused(but we welcome all genders).  To become the beautiful bad ass babes that we are supposed to be.  To know deeply that we are loved, valued and supported.  We are important 🖤



Raise $200 for the year of 2024 for SARA

We are passionate about the healing and wholeness of all women! 


SARA is a feminist non-profit society providing safe refuge and community-based resources for women in Mission and Abbotsford. SARA promotes and supports women’s efforts to achieve domestic, political, and social equality.  To read more on what SARA does for our community click the link below...

We have  wishing well fountain in our shop. All proceeds go to SARA

Currently at $12.65




Our dream is to find investors who share our vision of creating a harmonious community where like-minded individuals can embrace a sustainable lifestyle in the beauty of nature. We envision a plot of land where residents can build and live in their own unique tiny houses, fostering a sense of simplicity and minimalism. In addition to the cozy homes, our community would feature a healing center, providing a nurturing space for personal growth, wellness, and rejuvenation. Surrounding the homes and center would be lush gardens, providing an abundant source of fresh produce and a serene environment for connection with nature. Together, we hope to bring this dream to life and create a sanctuary for individuals seeking a balanced and purposeful way of living.


Healing and Wholeness

We want to see people get well! To experience healing and wholeness. 

Please share with us services or classes that have impacted you.